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Running with Anthony Gomes and pain! – Morning Music with Ray Wylie!

So last night “Discretion” was not the better part of valor, and in spite of the “Not as bad as the day before” pain in my left leg I ran. After the first mile, my decison was that I would just run slower and that helped I made it to the second mile and the pain was not that bad, and while the time was slower than 10 minute per mile, I continued on! I got to a point where a left hand turn would have taken me home and the run would have been a little over 3 miles – but no – Edward kept going straight and didn’t make that left until about another half mile plus! So after two eft turns I was headed home. The pain was still there but not bad. Then I had to stop at a traffic light just before the end. As I kinda ran around the lights, up one curb and back around the other, waiting for the light to change, my foot landed awkwardly and the pain went from not too bad, too not too good – no to really  hurting! So I hubbled home, and ended with a 4.4 mile run at a 10:25 pace, the only good thing was that my heard rate stayed in the low 140’s the whole way! Anyway, while the pain is not unbearable today I really know it’s there! Guess it’s time for a phone call to the Doc to refill that Naproxen!!

The soundtrack for the run was the new album by Anthony Gomes, who
I was going to write about this AM, but have run out of time, so that will have to wait for later. You can read about this fine blues man at his website.

Another album that I’ve been listing to is Ray Wylie Hubbard’s new album The Grifter’s Hymnal . Here’s a song from that album, which by the way is very good – “Count My Blessings”