Morning Kundalini with R Carlos Nakai soundtrack

 Kundalini to Master Your Domain – Music Feather, Stone & Light – R Carlos Nakai


This morning has been a kind of throwback Tuesday. It all started when I used one of my all-time favorite R. Carlos Nakai albums Feather, Stone and Light as the soundtrack for my morning yoga routine.If it wasn’t the first R Carlos Nakai album that I bought it was certainly among the first and it has been a favorite since the first time that I brought it home! The album features the string work of Will Eaton and the percussion of Will Clipman along with R. Carlos wonderful Native American flute artistry.

The yoga routine that I did today was a Kundalini kriya to Master Your Domain. The kriya is my favorite among the kriyas that I did routinely several years ago. It is the only one that I still try to do on a regular basis. I don’t know if it’s all mental or not, but it seems that every time I do this kriya I fly through the rest of the day, more focused and consequently I’m able to get more done!!

After I finished the kriya, I wondered, if there was anywhere on the Internet, where the kriya is described. Silly me! What I found was the following video and a whole lot more at the Spirit Voyage Music Channel

Now I will say that Feather, Stone and Light may not be the best album for meditating,worked well for me. This kriya has a 5-minute meditation to end the kriya, I extended that meditation another 13 minutes and loved every minute of it. So after watching the video of this kriya and knowing that there are similar videos for other kriyas, I think that I will start to do more Kundalini yoga. This may work out well because it was when I was doing the Kundalini yoga before that I became a vegetarian. So if I want my diet to veer that way, eating less and less meat, Kundalini may help move me in that direction……Sat siri akal!

Here is the title track from Feather, Stone & Light…..and I’m off to the store to get the final ingredients to make Vegetarian Mousaka! Wish Me Luck!!