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Yoga first, then Babysitting Zoe this AM!

Morning Yoga then off to sit with Zoe where I hear Wah Yantee from Kundalini Yoga!

Babysitting my granddaughter Zoe this morning. When I got here this morning her grandmom said that she wouldn’t go to sleep, Thought she may have been a little cranky – not!

Zoe after morning yoga!

She played nicely for a while and then she went to sleep about an hour later.(9:30) She’s still asleep an hour and a half later. Now she’s off schedule but she will  be fine. Because I didn’t have to be here until 8:30 this AM, I had time to do a yoga routine. Since I ran yesterday (more on that later) I just wanted to do some simple yoga, so I turned to routine 1 of 3 from Richard Hittleman!

When I first started to do yoga probably 30 years or more ago, this is the book that I started with and I still do at least one of the routines in it every week. It’s usually the 2nd routine, because that has a head stand at the end of the routine!

Richard Hittleman's Yoga 28 day exercise plan

This is what the publisher says about the book:

This short time is all it takes to master the 38 simple exercises in this book. You will quickly grasp the ancient Yoga secrets of breathing, concentration, nutrition and muscle control — in just minutes of your spare time and without any discomfort. Day by day you will notice astonishing results — loss of weight, greater firmness, more energy, relief from pain, freedom from stress and an overall feeling of youthfulness and well-being. This Yoga regimen will become a lifetime program to keep your whole organism radiant with a natural beauty and health.

This Yoga regimen will become a lifetime program to keep your whole organsim radiant with natural beauty and health! Read More

I totally agree and highly recommend this book for beginners!!

The playlist for this morning’s exercising was provided by Pandora. I turned on Pandora and created a Steven Halpern station and I got some great yoga music. The second track that came on was from Deuter’s Reiki Hand’s of Love. It wasn’t until after I was finished that music from Halpern’s 1991 album Music for Yoga came on! Maybe that can be the soundtrack for yoga later in the week!

When I finally did try to rock Zoe to sleep (the first time didn’t work) I turned on Soundscapes on Music Choice.The song that was on was “Wah Yantee”  from Snatnam Kaur. This chant is one of the Morning Sadhana mantras of Kudnalini yoga. You can read more about it here at the Spirit Voyage blog! Remember them for yesterday!  Do you think there’s something spiritual going on here to rekindle my Kundalini yoga practice! Here’s a video of Snatnam Kaur’s “Wah Yantee”

Wah Yantee

Wah yantee kar yantee, jag dut patee,
aadak it waha, brahmaday trayshaa guroo, it wahay guroo


Great Macroself, Creative Self. All that is creative through time, all that is the Great One. Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. That is Wahe Guru.
Three aspects of God: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.
That is Wahe Guru.

Ek Ong Kar
(One God, One Creation)
Sat nam!
(His name is Truth)