Dark Run – Mike Brooks (Keiko Book #1)

Dark Run - Mike Brooks reading challenges Science fiction book
Dark Run – Mike Brooks Leaves Me Ready for Book # 2 

Last week I checked out  Dark Run by Mike Brooks from my library. I was not looking for a science fiction book, when I spotted the book. But after reading a couple of the quotes on the back of the book, I was intrigued. This is the one that won me over…..

“Dark Run is a thrill ride of non-stop action, wisecrackery, and adventure in the vast vaults of outer space. I look forward to revisiting Ichabod Drift and the crew of the Keiko time and again” – Luke Scull author of the Grim Company

After finishing Dark Run this morning I think that the first part of this quote is a bit of an overstatement.But I do agree with Mr Scull in that I am look forward to meeting the Keiko crew again! I can do that in Dark Sky, the second book in the series.

The Story Line – Too Simple?

Overall, I thought that the story was a little simplistic. The Keiko, a ship of smugglers, soldiers of fortune, and con-artists. Each, crew member, including Captain Drift has a mysterious past. Soon Drift’s past catches up with him. He is blackmailed into delivering a mysterious load of cargo to Amsterdam on Old Earth. The cargo must arrive at a specific time and the Keiko must be unseen. It’s called a Dark Run!  But things don’t go too well and soon the Keiko is a hunted ship and crew. And they will need to use their wiles to get revenge on the man who set them up!

It often takes me some time to get acclimated to the new worlds and characters in a science fiction book. That was the case in Dark Run. I enjoyed the second half of the book a lot more than the first half. I enjoyed Dark Run a lot more once I got to know the crew members of the Keiko. The wise-cracking (which wasn’t as much as I thought it would be) also became more enjoyable,.

Bottom Line

Dark Run was a 3-star book for me. That means that I liked it, but not all that much. Like I said the story line was pretty straight forward, with not a lot of twists and turns. I liked the characters, including Captain Drift even though, like his crew, I didn’t like the secret that he had been hiding!

So I guess I will check out Dark Sky but I have about six other books, checked out of the library to read first! I tell you all about them in a little while or maybe tomorrow!

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