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Ok so I haven’t posted anything for many days now. One of the reasons is that I have been working on cleaning up my account at It seems that I have, during the course of my blogging, created too many sites and files. As a result I am causing problems with their server. So I have spent the last two weeks or so reorganizing files, deleting sites i an effot to  get down to the file level , requested by Bluehost. I think that I am finally there. If not I am really close.

The result of all this work is that I have decided which blogs to keep writing and a beginning outline about how they will be intergrated into this site.The blogs that I will continue to write are……

Edk’s Life Safari Blogs 


This Man Reads –  on this blog I write about the books that I have read. As well as, those books that I plan to read.


FreeWheelin’ Music Safarithis blog covers my explorations into the Progressive Rock, Jazz, and New Age music genres. I have grouped these three genres together because I think that artists from these three genres kinda overlap and are influenced by each other.’s music.

FreeWheelin’ Americana Safari – This blog will cover my explorations into the world of Americana music genres discussed in this blog will include: Blues, Bluegrass, Folk and Americana (which is like a blend of all of the other genres but don’t quite fit  into any of them).

Social Studies

Socialstudious – I have two college degrees a Bachelor of Arts with major in Political Science and a Bachelor of Education with a major in Social Science Education. While I never really used either of the degrees in my work career I never really lost my love of socil studies. Throughout my work life I read about politics, history and other social sciences. This blog is an attempt to keep learning more about the little things about the world around me!


The Amelioration Project  – Throughout my life,  I have  always tried  become better in all facets of life. I try to eat right and stay in shape so that I cam slow down my biological clock as much as I can.  I also try to do other things that can make me in the words of Gretchen Rubin “Better than Before”. So this blog is like Gretchen’s Happiness Project but with a little broader scope! This blog also includes my exercise posts which include: yoga and running. Music is included when it provides the soundtrack for either the run, workout or yoga.

Renaissaince Granddad – Currently I have two grandchildren Oliver who is the son of my son Andrew and his wife Meaghan and Zoe daughter of my son Peter and his wife Missy. Oliver turned three in March while Zoe will turn 3 in September. I retired from my full-time job of 35 years with Lippincott Jacobs Consulting Engineers in September of 2014. Since that time I have worked part-time at Target and been one of the babysitters for these two! Wouldn’t have missed it for anything!! Anyway this blog chronicles my experiences.

I have always prided myself and always tried to be a well-rounded individual. The above blogs attest to the fact that my interests are varied. Maybe they are even a little ADDish, but they are all part of what makes me, me. Hopefully that as you read these posts you will find find something that you can make a part of your Life Safari!

How I Plan to Link the Blogs


The next question is how among I connecting all these various blogs. One of the aspects of this connection will be through a post like this one “Blog My Day” in these types of blogs I will be chronicling my day and discussing the books I’m reading the music that I’m listening, runs, are babysitting. On the post I will provide links to the blog post.  As an example, I may post,, that on that day I ran four miles. The link would be to a post on The Amelioration Project. Another example comes from today’s post at Socialstudious……

On Today’s Date July 1st in 1876 Montenegro declared war on the Ottoman Empire  Link

In addition I am in the process of creating a new first page. On this page I will provide a like to the blog my day archives. In additon I will provide links to all of my other blogs. So that the reader can either check out what I did that day, or just go straight to the blog that most appeals to them.

In conclusion, the above blogs are the ones I will be writing. I have also provided my methods linking them. So wish me well and hopefully this will be a full blog for all! I know all of these blogs have helped to make my Life Safari pretty awesome!!