Blog My Day – EdK Date 24,018 – July 3, 2017

My Morning Workout

My babysitting duties began early this morning. Daughter-in-law Missy had to be at work by  8 o’clock, so I had to be at their house by 7:30. Luckily they only live less than 5 minutes from our house! As a result I was able to get in a 23 minute workout without getting up that early!!

The workout was a modification of my 60 minute workout. You can read about it here at The Amelioration Project,

Clarence Birdseye founds the General Seafood Company July 3,1924

Usually, when Missy goes to work early in the day Zoe is still asleep. That was the case today, she finally woke up around  8:30, but she was playing quietly in her bed, so I let her  have some time to herself and finally went in to get her around 9 o’clock.

While I was waiting I had a chance to review what happened on this day in history. What I like to do is find an event ot person that I don’t know a lot about and then research it in a little more depth. Today the even that caught my eye was that on this day July 3, 1924 – Clarence Birdseye founded the General Seafood Company. Birdseye yes that is where the name came from!  You can read about the amazing Mr. Birdseye here at Socialstudious

Babysitting Zoe

One of the great things about babysitting Zoe you don’t need to do much. Now I loved babysitting Oliver it was a lot of fun but also a lot of work. With Zoe you just sit back and watch When she got up this morning one of the first things she showed me was her new scissors. So we spent a good long while cutting out shapes. I cut her some triangles, squares, and even a trapezoid! Thens we went for the many-sided object – pentagon, hexagon, etc. After I cut them out we check out images various shapes on Google! Then she had some time to do a little cutting by herself……

Of course I had a few small pieces of paper to clean up after she was done, but we had fun!

Later in the day she wanted me to come into her playroom and play with her but before I could get into the room, she was already quietly playing with some wooden paper-like dolls that her Aunt Lizzie had given her….

You can see that their orange kitty Milo is enjoying it also!! Ah, the life of a cat!

Book 28 of 2017 – The Girl Who Was Taken – Charlie Donlea

Ok so I really need to catch up on writing about the books that I finished in June! I read four books and will write about each of them shortly. The four books were:

25. Marked for Life – Emelie Schepp (Finished Reading May 31st)

26. Marked for Revenge – Emelie Schepp

27. I Am Death – Chris Carter

28 The Girl Who Was Taken – Charlie Donlea   – Read the review here

29. Energize:  Ignite Passion and Performance with User Friendly Brain Tools Robert Faw

Again I will try and write about each of the books as soon as I can…..

Anyway, it was a good day!! Hope Yours was too!!