Blog My Day – EdK Date 24,020 – Workouts, Zoe – Steve Krase’s Blues!

Should've Seen it Coming Steve Krase

My Morning Workout – Master Your Domain

So since it was fairly cool and mostly cloudy this morning, I thought maybe I would run. But when I got up and started to move around I noticed a pain in my left calf.  The pain made me contemplate not running. So even though I was thinking about not running, I exercise as if I was going to run.

I decided that I would do my favorite Kundalini kriya Master Your Domain. I knew it wouldn’t burn many calories but whenever I do the routine I always find that later in the day I am zooming around. Whether that is a result of the kriya or not I can’t really say, but to me it seems it is. Here is A video for the kriya. Give it a try….

On This  Day

July 5, 1916 – The Van Buren Sisters Begin Their Motorcycle Trip across America

On this day July 5th 101 years ago in 1916 Addie and Gussie Van Buren began an historic  motorcycle trip across the US. You can read about it here  

Today’s Music –  Should’ve Seen It Coming  – Steve Krase

Houston Bllues Harpist Steve Krase’s latest release Should’ve Seen It Coming  has been in my music rotation for a couple of weeks now and it’s a good one!  You can read more about it at FreeWheelin’ Music Safari

Today we are babysitting our granddaughter Zoe. Our daughter Elizabeth bought Zoe some new toys and gave them to her today. One was a puzzle. It is in the shape of a snake with letters of the alphabet on all the pieces. Here she is putting it together for the first time!Zoe with Puzzle

This Man Reads – A Recap of the Books I Read in June 2017

When last I blogged at “This Man Reads”, the book that I wrote about was the last eat book from C. J. Box Vicious Circle. Vicious Circle  is book seventeen in the Joe Pickett series from Box. I finished that book on May 29th.

I was able to finish one more book in May.  Emilie Schepp’s book Marked for Life was the last book I read in May. I finished that book on the last day of May. Finishing that book raised my total  number of books read in 2017 to 25. That total kept me on pace to read 60 books in 2017. Continue Reading at This Man Reads