Blog My Day -EdK Date 24,021 – Jan Hus, Marked for Life and July Reads

marked for life - emelie schepp

July 6, 2017 – Jan Hus, Marked for Life and July Reads

My Morning Workout

Ok so this morning was kinda cool so I thought that I would run. Therefore, rather than do a full 60 minute workout I decided to only do a modified version of that workout.The workout only lasted 23 minutes and burned 181 calories. After I finished I checked the weather and saw that light rain was to start in a few minutes. I checked the radar and saw that there was indeed rain on the way. So I said maybe I’ll run later. That when on most of the day so I in fact never ran today. Bad Me! S

o hopefully, I can make myself run after we drop Oliver off at his Dad’s work tomorrow. Yes tomorrow we will be babysitting Oliver most of the day! Of course Oliver may keep me moving after work tomorrow that I won’t have to run!

On This Day – July 6th

Today is Jan Hus Day in the Czech Republic


Today is Jan Hus Day in the Czech Republic  The day commemorates the day in 1415 when Jan Hus was burned at the stake for heresy.

Jan Hus  c. (1369 – 6 July 1415[2]), sometimes Anglicized as John Hus or John Huss, was a Czech priest, philosopher, Master, dean and rector at Charles University in Prague, church reformer, founder of Hussitism, a seminal figure in the Bohemian Reformation and a key predecessor to Protestantism.

After John Wycliffe, the theorist of ecclesiastical Reformation, Hus is considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli. His teachings had a strong influence on the states of Western Europe, most immediately in the approval of a reformist Bohemian religious denomination, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther himself.  Read More

This Man Reads  –  Book 25 of 2017 – Marked For Life by Emelie Schepp

Jana Berzelius is a young and brilliant but cold, Public Prosecutor in Norrköping Sweden. She is the adopted daughter of the former Prosecutor General Karl Berzelius. Jana knows very little about her past. Most of what she does know she has learned from her dreams. She does know, however, that the name KER is carved into the back of her neck. KER “Goddess of Death”. It’s the one thing that her father told her she could never tell anyone about. Everything thing is going well in her life…

But then a high-ranking official of the Migration Board is founded murdered in his home. The only clue revealed during the police investigation are the fingerprints of a child. The puzzling thing is that the victim and his wife are childless.Jana steps in to lead the police investigation. Read More

This Man Reads – July Reads


Over the last few days , I have started reading two books. One  is A Puzzle to Be Named Later by Parnell Hall. It’s a Puzzle Lady mystery featured the always amusing Cora Felton. I think RT Reviews says it right it’s “Jessica Fletcher Meets Groucho Marx!” I chose this book because it is an easy and fun read. That is the kind of book I need after the very intense I Am Death and The Girl Who Was Taken.

The other book that I have started is Exit Strategy by Steve Hamilton. This is the second book in Hamilton’s Nick Mason series. From Goodreads

In the follow-up to The Second Life of Nick Mason, the remarkable hero fights to take back control from the crime lord who owns his life, as he races to complete a daring and dangerous new mission. . . .

Nick Mason has been given a true mission impossible: Infiltrate WITSEC, the top-secret federal witness-protection program that has never been compromised, locate the three men who put his boss Darius Cole behind bars for life, and kill them.

But first he has to find them—they’re ghost prisoners locked down around the clock in classified “deep black” locations by an battalion of heavily armed U.S. marshals charged with protecting them—and the clock is ticking. Read More