A Good Morning Run Over a New Course with Old Memories!

A spot along today's run that I've always liked.

A Four Mile Run Some Shade, Some Sun, Some Memories – Good Music from Amplifier

So this morning I decided to creat a new course for my run. My training plan since my early 40s has been running four miles on two weekdays.! And then a five to eight mile run on the one of the weekend days. This year I have not run any distance greater than four miles. As a result there are portions of those five to eight mile courses that I have not run this year.

One of those places is along the Rancocas Creek bear its confluence with the Delaware River. So I designed the course so that I could have a four mile run that included that part of Delran and Riverside. Here are two pictures taken along the creek somewhere in the third mile of  my run. The second one is the view I had as I plodded along hoping for shade!

RancocasCreek – looking towards Delaware River
Rancocas Creek looking upstream

A little farther along on that third mile I came to Whomsley Field where my boys played Little League baseball. Needless to say a lot of memories came back when I passed there. I went back after the run to take these pictures.

I looked for the sliding board that used be out beyond right field fence on this field. The reason was that was the slide that our third son fell off of day at a game!! Got him a big knot on his field and a trip to the doctor!

The Run

But back to the run. The first part of the run had more shade than sun, while it was the reverse on the second two miles. The first two miles were completed in 10:37 and 10:39 While the sun shiney portions of the run were covered in 11:08 and 11:34. Yes I was sucking wind at the end. But I still managed to crank it up over the last 0.17 miles. Running that short distance at a pace of 10:41!! Here are the complete results!

The Results

Total Distance 4.17 miles    Total Time: 45:51  Average Pace: 10:58 (m/m)

Mile Splits Mile 1:  10:37 m/m Mile 2 – 10:39 m/m   Mile 3 11:08 m/m Mile 4 11:34 m/m   0.17 – 10:41 m/m:

Average Heart Rate:140 bpm Max Heart Rate: 152 bpm

Calories Burned: 580 cals.

The Soundtrack

The Soundtrack for the run was my first listen to Trippin’ with Dr. Faustus the latest from the Psychedelic/Space Rock ban Amplifier.

From ProgArchive

AMPLIFIER is a Manchester based space rock band. This three-piece makes extraordinary music which is quite similar to the, also Manchester based, band OCEANSIZE. The band consists of Sel Balamir who plays guitar and is also the band’s lead-vocalist. Than there’s Matt Brobin, who is the band’s drummer. Last, but not least, there’s Neil Mahony who is the bassist. As you can see there’s no keyboardist on board, so all the weird sounds and effects are played on the guitar, hence the name “AMPLIFIER”…..

….Their music is highly original. They combine deep personal lyrics with walls of noise, combined with stunning melodies.

This band has been hailed a lot in the media. Kerrang! Magazine said this was “.the British rock-scene altering record” when talking about their selftitled debutalbum. Metal Hammer said they were “.the future of rock.” and even Q magazine said that “.at present British rock doesn’t get much better than this.”  Read More

As with the other albums that have been soundtracks for recent runs, I hope to write about Trippin’ with Dr Fautus after listening to it a few more times. It may sound just a little different if I’m not half-dying while listening to it!!

But for now let’s listen to “Kosmos (Groves of Triumph) ” from Trippin with Dr Faustus by Amplifier