Late Summer and Fall 2017 Playlist – Americana and Blues

Ghost Car on the Radio - Slaid CLeaves - part of the Summer Fall 2017 playllist

A  Six Pack Playlist of Americana/Folk and Blues and More

I may never be able to catch up writing about the various albums I have been listening to over the last three to four months.  So I have decided to make a few playlists that will group the tracks roughly by genre. Here;’s what’s on the first one….

Americana – Folk      

Palestine Blues - Lew JerttonLew Jetton & 61 South – Palestine Blues 

I started listening to this album, when we spent a week at the Jersey Shore back in August. It was the soundtrack for a couple of the runs during the week. I really like the album. It has lots of interesting and well-written songs presents well, with the vocals matching the music.

Tracks included on the playlist “Will I Go to Hell”, “Mexico” and “Sold Us Out”

Two of the three tracks “Mexico” and “Sold Us Out” deal with the lose of American jobs.

Lew Jetton Website


Ghost on the Car Radio - Slaid CLeavesSlaid CleavesGhost on the Car Radio

Slaid has been a favorite of mine for a long time. My first introduction to Slaid’s music was when I heard “Broke Down” on Gene Shay’s Folk show on WXPN in Philly.

Ghost  on the Car Radio is another solid release from Slaid. Many of Slaid’s songs Are about the little guys, and cars. The songs I have included on this playlist include:

“Drunken Barber’s Hand”, “Little Guys”. “Primer Gray” and “Junkyard”


Slaid Cleaves Website



Up in the Old Hotel - Tom RussellTom Russell – Folk Hotel

This is one of the few albums that I have written about this fall. As in most of his albums the subjects of Russell’s songs are varied and interesting. And like other albums this one sent my scurrying to find out more about them!!

Tracks Included: “Up in the Old Hotel”, “The Sparrow of Swansea (For Dylan Thomas) and “The Rooftops of Copenhagen”

Tom Russell Website


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