Thoughts About Future Old Favorites Playlists

Bright Side of Down - on the old favorites playlist


Thoughts About Future Playlists and Music Favorites

One of my goals, when I first started to blog, was to present the music that I have listened to over the last fifty years! Wow! Has it really been that long? Anyway,  over the course of my blogging I have written many about my favorite musicians like John Prine, Phil Ochs and Tim Paxton But there are so many more that I want to write about. The problem has been that I  took the blog in a totally different direction. I  started to write more and more about discovering new music and new genres. Those explorations have been great and have led me to some fantastic bands and musicians. However, there is only so much time in the day to listen to music so, as I listened to more new music, I listened to less old music.

New Playlists and Pages  for Favorite Musicians

So as I was listening to the playlist that I created the other day for the new music I have listened to over the last several month, I thought why not do that with old music?? Then this morning I was checking out the schedule for World Cafe live.  I saw that John Gorka was scheduled to be playing there on January 9th. Ding!  My inner alarm went off signaling that John Gorka’s music would be a great way to kick off these new posts.

Now what I plan to do is create a John Gorka page.  On that page  I’ll post links to previous posts I have written about his music and also the new playlist. But I haven’t done that yet. Actually I am hoping that by writing this post, I will force myself to do it!!

So how about for now we listen to something from John’s most recent studio release Bright Side of Down”. Here’s John performing the title track of the album.


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