A Six Pack Playlist of New Blues – (Dec 3-9 2017)

Stompin Ground - Tommy Castro leads of the Weekly New Blues Playlist

Tommy Castro’s Stompin’ Ground Kicks off a  Playlist of New Blues 

So last week after I made the John Gorka playlist I visited the Roots Music Report’’s Blues Chart. I scanned down the list. There were new releases from a few artists I know and like and several new artists. I decided to make a playlist to see which albums I would like to explore in more detail, I.e. listen to the full album. Here are the albums and artists, the playlist and my thoughts on the albums.

Stompin Ground - Tommy CastroStompin’ Ground – Tommy Castro

Tommy Castro has been a favorite of mine since the late 90s. Many of his albums are in my music library. There are times when I wish that his songs had more guitar, but the music is always infectious.

Artist’s website



Something I've Done - DownchildDownchild Blues Band – Something I’ve Done

The Downchild Blues Band is new to me. But from the below not to others, from Wikipedia….

The Downchild Blues Band is a Canadian blues band, described by one reviewer as “the premier blues band in Canada”.[1] The band is still commonly known as the Downchild Blues Band, though the actual band name was shortened to “Downchild” in the early 1980s. The Blues Brothers band was heavily influenced by Downchild Blues Band.

While I kinds’ enjoyed the songs on this album. there’s just something that’s not quite my taste. Maybe I’ll check out the full album to see if there are tracks that I like better than the three I chose randomly.

Artist’s Website

Blues with Horns - Chris Daniels and the KingsChris Daniels & the Kings – Blues with Horns Vol. 1

I first listened to the music of Chris Daniels and the Kings 2012 when he released the album Better Days. That album was pretty much an Americana country album. So when I saw blues with horns I wasn’t sure it was the same Chris Daniels.

If I had listened to his album 10 released in 2005 I probably would have assumed that it was the same guy. I was just listening to one of my favorite songs “Killing Floor”. I love the Mike Bloomfield- Electric Flag version. But the horns and everything was in that song!

Anyway As I listen to “Howlin’ at the Moon”  I see that he probably is a fan of   funky blues bands like the Flag. Another connection to the Flag comes from the cover, in Blues with Horns, of Buddy Miles’ ”Them Changes”

Anyway this album deserves a complete listen, maybe several, as does Chris’ back catalog. But right now I’m gonna go listen to Buddy’s “Them Changes”

Artist’s Website

verybody Wants to Go to Heaven - Peter ParcekPeter Parcek – Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven

This maybe the most interesting album on the playlist. I have previously enjoyed Peter Parcek’s Music via his album The Mathematics of Love. There’s some great guitar work this album. I wasn’t quite sure about the vocals. But the more I listen to the album the more I see that the vocals fit the album just fine. Here’s a good review of the album from No Depression.

“Mississippi Suitcase” is one of the three instrumental tracks on the album and needless to say they are my favorites. Although I really do like the title track.

Artist’s Website

verybody Wants to Go to Heaven - Peter Parcek


Kim Wilson – Blues and Boogie Vol. 1

I’ll preface this blurb with : “I love blues harp!” From that you can ascertain that Kim Wilson is a favorite! There’s lots and lots of great blues harp on this album. And the Wilson’s vocals are as good as ever!!

Kim Wilson’s biography at The Fabulous Thunderbirds Website

Kings & Associates - Tales of a Rich GirlKings and Associates – Tales of a Rich Girl

Now I must say that I have not listen to three tracks from these guys enough to fully create an accurate assessment of their music. I liked some of the music I heard but more listens are require before  I make my judgment of the band.

Ok so have a listen and tell me what YOU think!!

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 Weekly Blues  Playlist – December 3-9, 2017