A Weekend of Strong Workouts With a Charged Fitbit!

Bent Frets - Mick Clarke soundtrack for one of my workouts

A Recharged Fitbit Recharges My Workouts and Me!

The other day I wrote that it’s not as much fun to exercise without a Fitbit. It’s more fun when you are exercising to see how many calories you’ve burned. After that post, I pulled out my daughter’s old Fitbit sans the part that holds the recharge chord onto the Fitbit.

To charge the Fitbit, I held the Fitbit and the cord together. And after a few minutes the Fitbit was charged to about 25%. I thought, well,  if I can’t get it past the quarter fill mark I can at least use it while I’m exercising in the morning. I did just that yesterday morning!

First A Little Extra on Saturday

As a result I pushed myself a little further than I planned to during that workout so I could get to 200 calories burned.

Later that night, I kept holding the chord and Fitbit together and it charged to more than 50%. But I really didn’t want to sit there all night holding the two components together. I looked for ways to keep the two together. Finally I took a clip and put the cord between its clips and balanced the Fitbit on top. I let it sit there for a while a viola! It charged to 100%..

Then a Full Throttle Sunday 

Using the Fitbit this morning, I again extended my cardio workout by several minutes. This time I extended it to reach 280 calories burned!

Then because: the rain stopped this afternoon, it was still pretty warm and my foot (which has been bothering me ) felt pretty good , I decided to go for a walk. I have not walked or run since October 21 which was about the time that my leg was getting bad from a fall during a run on October 7th.  Shortly after that October 21st run my leg swelled up and I was diagnosed with prepatellar bursitis. Since then I have neither run nor walked. Anyway because I felt good today, it was the day to start-up again!

I walked for  35 plus minutes covering 2.38 miles. That calculates to a 14:56 min/mile pace. Overall I burned another 359 calories.

The Soundtrack for a Sunday Walk

Bent Frets from blues artist Mick Clarke was the soundtrack for today’s walk. If you’re like me and don’t know much about Mick you can read his biography here 

As for the new album Bent Frets

….features 13 new tracks recorded at Rockfold Studio, Surrey. Includes blues classics from Robert Johnson, Tarheel Slim, Charley Patton and Pearly Brown as well as 9 Mick Clarke originals.

Overall, the album sounded pretty good.  I loved the guitar and the feel of the album. However, I think the vocals will have to grow on me though.

I know that several times throughout the walk,  I picked up the pace of my walk to keep up with the tempo of the music!  So I think I will be listening to Bent Frets several more times over the next week or so.

So the bottom line is that’s it’s been a good weekend for getting back into shape! I was able to charge myself up, by charging my Fitbit up!!

Here is “Heart of Stone” from Mick Clarke’s Bent Frets to charge up your night!!



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