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Sixties Baseball Memories of Some Great Seasons….

Baseball Memories - Thank You "Uncle" Barney As I sit and watch the Cubs in the baseball play-offs memories arose of some magical years in my life. I was born in 1951 and I have vague memories of the 1957 or 58 World Series my mother was rooting for the Braves over the Yankees. The first time I really remember watching the games was 1960 when the Pirates beat the Yankees in a seven game series, which ended on a Bill Mazeroski homer. I remember getting home from school just in time to see the homer! 1961 - Barney Gets...

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Irataba and Billy Pierce – Together?

Wikipedia Tells Me About Mohave Leader Irataba and RIP ChiSox Pitcher Billy Pierce Through the years, I have read several books on the Native Americans of the West. Most of my reading has centered on the Sioux with some Apache and Comanche thrown in. One of the Native American tribes that I know very little about is the Mohave, which is why the feature story on their leader Irataba caught my eye this morning. Here is a little about the Mohave leader. Go check out more it's very interesting...... From Wikipedia.... Irataba,  also known as Yara tav, Yarate:va, Arateve; c. 1814...

Baseball Memories

Toppling of the ancient tree Prometheus in 1964, leads to thoughts of Ray Culp and Phillies trades of the same era!!

The stump (lower left) and some remains of the Prometheus tree (center), in the Wheeler Bristlecone Pine Grove at Great Basin National Park near Baker, Nevada from Wikipedia  August 6, 1964 – Prometheus, a bristlecone pine and the world's oldest tree, is cut down The other day as I looked over the events that happened on August 6th throughout history, I came across a now, that worked out real well, didn't it" moment or maybe a "What was I thinking moment! It seems that back in 1964 Donald Currey was sampling Bristlecone Pine Trees (Pinus longaeva) near Wheeler Peak in eastern Nevada. One of the...