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This Date in Jazz – November 28th – Happy Birthday Acoustic Guitar Wiz – Goh Kurosawa!

So I started this mornings birthday reviews at All About Jazz by looking for a younger jazz artists and one that caught my eye because of his name was Goh Kurosawa. I went to his page at All About Jazz where I read: ”It has been often said that to listen to Goh Kurosawa is to force oneself to abandon any notion of category or genre. While it is true that he flows effortlessly between flamenco, jazz, rock, samba and even classical, it should not be said that Goh has not firmly planted his flag in the fabled land of...


More from the Birthday Boy Jesse Cook as I go “Into the Night” and move “Closer to Madness”

So I was all set to go "Into the Night" with some Airbag a prog-rock band that was recommended by son Andrew and whose music I have been enjoying over the last two days. And then my ADD struck when I saw on the YouTube sidebar another of my favorites from birthday boy Jesse Cook and since I'm going back to work at Target tonight on this Black Friday Weekend, the title was right - so let's go "Into the Night: and move just a little "Closer to Madness:.... .... and tomorrow you'll hear about Airbag...