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Secondhand Souls from the Mind of Christopher Moore!!

Secondhand Souls - Christopher Moore - Grim Reaper #2 - Book 45 of 2015 Christopher Moore may be very near the top of my list of authors that make me laugh out loud when I read their books!! His latest book Secondhand Souls certainly did that in many places! Secondhand Souls is the second book in the Grim Reaper series, that feature Charlie Asher and his daughter Sophie and a crazy cast of characters. From Goodreads.com..... In San Francisco, the souls of the dead are mysteriously disappearing—and you know that can't be good—in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore's...


Island of the Sequined Love Nun – Christopher Moore

Island of the Sequined Love Nun - Christopher Moore - Book 17 of 2015   So the question of the night is: Who is Your Favorite Author of humorous books?? Janet Evanovich? Carl Hiaasen? Terry Pratchett? Douglas Adams? Tim Dorsey?? Dave Barry??  The question arises because one of  my goals for April was to read a book on happiness or a funny book. I chose to read a funny book and one book that fit that description that was on my TBR pile was Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore. The first book that I read by...