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Inspector of the Dead – David Morrell

Inspector of the Dead - David Morrell and 1855 London Perfect Together!   David Morrell has been a top mystery and thriller author since his debut novel First Blood released in 1971, introduced the world to John Rambo! I have enjoyed Morrell's books since 1984's release The Brotherhood of the Rose. All total Morrell has written twenty-eight novels, and his work has been translated into twenty-six languages While I have enjoyed Morrell's books through the years, I never thought that any of them were as good as The Brotherhood of the Rose or the novels that followed like The Fraternity of the...


David Morrell: The Brotherhood of the Rose and more

David Morrell - The Mortalist, Frank Balenger, and   Thomas De Quincey series So back in the 1980s (Ok think about that Edward the 1980s were 35 years ago! Ouch! When you were 14 in 1965 would you have thought about anything that happened in 1930 as anything but ancient history? Nope!) I read a lot of thrillers from the likes of Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, Bill Granger (November Man), Richard Hoyt and others. And right up there with the best of them were books from David Morrell. Morrell's 1972 debut novel was First Blood was adapted into Sylvester Stallone's movie...