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A Valentine’s Day “Morning” Playlist!

A Valentine's Day Playlist with the Word "Morning" in the title! Back when I was posting a song a day to Facebook, I figured it out,if I posted one song a day to Facebook, it would take me 54 years to post all of the songs on my iPod!Not that they are all favorites but a good number can be ranked as favorite, so let's say half that still is 23 years!! So the answer is playlists, LOL! Not that I'm going to do it everyday, but maybe occasionally it may not be a bad idea! Anyway back before the...

Classic Rock

Classic Rock Favorites Provide a Morning Soundtrack!

A Playlist Featuring Six Great Classic Rock Guitarists.... So a couple of weeks ago I created a quick playlist of some of my favorite Classic Rocks songs. Then I  never listened to it until yesterday when it became the soundtrack of my morning drive to babysit Oliver. Basically, I wanted to listen to some music that would put me in a good mood for what I knew would be a long day of continuous motion!! I created the playlist by just thinking quickly about some of my favorite bands. The first band that popped into my head was Jefferson Airplane....