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Family History – A Look At My Direct Ashton Family Line

The Search for My Ashton Family Ancestors When my wife and I first started doing serious research on our family trees, Ancestry was in it’s infancy. One of the best places to do research was through the Church of the Latter  Day Saints (LDS). The nearest LDS Research Center was in Cherry Hill, so off we went. At the time, records were not online. First you looked up what you wanted on microfiche. Then,while they had some records at the Center, others you had to order from Salt Lake City! Anyway, I started with both my parents surnames- Karn and...


DNA and Ancestry.com Help Uncover Ashton Ancestors

The longer I go without writing a new post the harder it becomes to write one. One reason is that so much has been happening I really don’t know where to start.so at e I’ll just start where I left off.  My last post was about my family genealogy. At the end of the last post I wrote that I would tell you how DNA helped me discover some new cousins. So here goes... DNA and the Daughters of John Sherrington Ashton and Mary Warwick My great-grandfather John Sherrington Ashton III married Mary E Warwick in April of 1881. For...

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October 6th – Happy German-American Day and Thoughts About My German Ancestry!

Today October 6th is German-American Day! From Wikipedia: German-American Day is a holiday in the United States, observed annually on October 6. The holiday, which celebrates German American heritage, commemorates the date in 1683 when 13 German families from Krefeld near the Rhine landed in Philadelphia. These families subsequently founded Germantown, Pennsylvania, the first German settlement in the original thirteen American colonies. Originally celebrated in the nineteenth century, German-American Day died out in World War I as a result of the anti-German sentiment that prevailed at the time. The holiday was revived in 1983. Both sides of my father's family were...