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A Foundation Course in German Starts Me on My Way!

Don't Know Much about the German I Took - But I'm trying anew!!   So if you have been reading along you are probably thinking this guy doesn't know much about the German language, Why did He start a webpage? And you know what you'd probably be 100% right. But that's the point - the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my attempt to learn the German language. Over the years I have noticed that I have a lot more drive and determination to run now than I did back in my youth. If I put the effort into...

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Day Two – Another Boring Day – not with Zoe!

Day Two - Work and Babysitting in German......   Today was just another day. The day's summary in German follows. I have highlighted words I had to look up. I will list them at the end of the post. Heute war ein Arbeitstag am Target. Ich gingen zu Arbeit am 7 uhr und ich hatte bis 12 uhr Arbeit. Ich dachte Ich war Kinderbetreung Zoe um 2.30 Uhr aber Es war um 1.30 Uhr! Also Ich ass zu Mittagessen schnell und habe es dort in der Zeit! Wir sassen mit Zoe bis 5 Uhr, wenn ihr Vater, unser Sohn Peter, nach...

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My Day in German 1 – A Backhoe in the Street

Hallo und herzlich willkommen zu meinem Tag in detscher Sprache. ich heiß Edward und ich lerne Deutsch. Ich mache diese website zu helfen mir lernen.   A month of so ago, I started learning to speak and read German again. I restarted for two reasons. First to help in my research of my German roots and secondly because dropping my second quarter of German class in college led to my not graduating from the University of Florida on time! So learning the language is to prove to myself that I can do it all be it 46 years later! I...