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The Seventh Plague – James Rollins

The Seventh Plague (Sigma Force # 12) - James Rollins I do believe that I say this every time I read a new novel by James Rollins. I don't know why I put off reading James Rollins books! His latest The Seventh Plague has been sitting on my "to be read" pile of library books for more than a month! Mistake! I finished it last night and it was great! After finishing Charlie Donlea's last book The Girl Who Was Taken I was reading his biography at his website. In it he writes about what makes a book good enough...


James Rollins – Grant Blackwood – The Kill Switch – a Tucker Wayne and Kane thriller!!

I have been a fan of James Rollins since I read Map of Bones (Sigma #2) back in 2005. In addition to all the Sigma Force novels, except for the first one, I have read three of  Rollins early stand alone novels and all are great!  The thing that I like best about the Rollins novels is - the science,  no it's the action, no the political aspects....- the whole package!!! The Associated Press writes.... "The Science.... reads like the best of Michael Crichton. The machinations of government read like the best of David Baldacci And the action and thrills...