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Dreamless – Jorgen Brekke

Dreamless (Book 2 - Odd Singsaker Series)   Dreamless is the second book  from Norwegian author Jorgen Brekke and it's a good one. The setting of the book is Trondheim Norway and the main character of the series is Chief Inspector Odd Singsaker. The book follows up where book one Where Monsters Dwell left off. Odd is still recovering and ,dealing with the effects of his brain tumor. He is now married to former American police officer Felicia Stone. All of the characters are still dealing with the aftershocks of the prior murder investigation, only to be immersed in an...


Where Monsters Dwell – (Odd Singsaker Book #1) – Jorgen Brekke – Hop on the Brekke Bandwagon!!

When I first picked up Where Monsters Dwell by Jorgen Brekke, I knew nothing about the book, but when I read what Steve Berry wrote about the book.... "History pulses with life and excitement in this chilling and foreboding read. Jorgen Brekke delivers what thriller readers crave, or at least what this reader craves - action, history, secrets, conspiracies, and international settings. Couldn't ask for anything more."   and Library Journal wrote'.... "Engrossing... grissly murders investigated by likable detectives. This mystery is perfectly grim without being bleak."   I thought that this would be a book, right up my alley,...