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The Forgotten Room – Lincoln Child

The Forgotten Room - Lincoln Child (Jeremy Logan #4) The Forgotten Room is the fourth book in  Lincoln Child's series featuring enigmalogist Jeremy Logan. While I have read many of the books in the Pendergrast series, which Child writes with Douglas Preston, this is the first of his solo books, that I have read. The setting of the book is a Gothic Mansion in Rhode Island that is the home of the elite think-tank The Lux.  Jeremy returns to the Lux, where he was a resident for many years, before he was asked to leave, to help determine what happened...


Dance of Death – Preston & Child

Dance of Death - Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child Book 6 of Pendergast Series Books 2 of Diogenes   So I am not sick that often so when I am I really hate it!! The last two days have been spent nursing a bad cold. Yesterday I flt like I had been run over by a Mack Truck, Today I was better and the damage was done  by a pesky little Mini-Cooper which I believe just keeps circling the block and running me over just about the time that I think that I have this thing knocked!! The only good thing...