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Winterlong – Mason Cross (Carter Blake # 3)

A Wild Ride as Winterlong tries to Eliminate Carter Blake Winterlong is the third installment of Mason Cross's Carter Blake series. So after chasing down two serial killers who were part of Winterlong with the mysterious Mr Blake in this book Blake is targeted for elimination  by Winterlong. Carter Blake left Winterlong five years prior to the start of this tale. His deal with the then Director of the organization was - you leave me alone and I won't tell what your operatives really do!  For five years that deal held but now there's a new director and she wants...


Carter Blake Hunts The Samaritan (Hint Not a Good Samaritan)!

The Samaritan - (Carter Blake #2) - Mason Cross   The Samaritan is book two in the Carter Blake series from Glasgow author Mason Cross. It is also the second of Blake's adventures that I have read about.And I must say that I found this episode more enjoyable than the first. So I am really looking forward to Winterlong the third book in the series, that has been languishing on my library books to be read shelf for about five weeks!! See I checked it out of the library and then found out it was book three in the series....


The Killing Season a Fine First Visit to the World of Carter Blake!

The Killing Season - Mason Cross -(Carter Blake # 1)   The Killing Season by Mason Cross is the first book in his  Carter Blake series. And reading it was my first visit to the world of Carter Blake. He told me in the opening sentences that his name was not Carter Blake. And that he use to be part of a top-secret government operation called Winterlong. But now he hires himself out to find people who don't want to be found. He's good at it because he has an uncanny ability to predict his quarry's next move.In The Killing...