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Americana, Blues, Folk

Late Summer and Fall 2017 Playlist – Americana and Blues

A  Six Pack Playlist of Americana/Folk and Blues and More I may never be able to catch up writing about the various albums I have been listening to over the last three to four months.  So I have decided to make a few playlists that will group the tracks roughly by genre. Here;'s what's on the first one.... Americana - Folk       Lew Jetton & 61 South - Palestine Blues  I started listening to this album, when we spent a week at the Jersey Shore back in August. It was the soundtrack for a couple of the runs...


Can Your Playlist Make You Happier? Let’s Test It!!

So I finally got around to making an appointment for my yearly physical and blood work, I'm only about 5 months behind. So far everything is good EKG was fine as was my blood pressure 110/64 with a resting pulse of 56! The blood work results should come back early next week so we'll see then about cholesterol, etc. Anyway, yesterday I went to the library and picked up two books (actually  picked up four but two fit this blog)  first Your Playlist Can Change Your Life and second 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Neal D. Bernard MD.  I have read...

Life's Soundtracks

An Eclectic Morning PLaylist ends with Paul Thorn’s “Honky Tonk Neanderthal”! (Video)

So the iPod was set on shuffle this morning as I set out to work on a stairway hall that I am getting se to paint and this is the resultant playlist - I think this playlist should be in the dictionary beside the word eclectic. What do you think? 1 Pineapple Heart - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones 2. Blue Drops of Rain - Corey Stevens 3. Six Feet Under the Ground - Michael Cleveland So in in the first three songs there's one jazz banjo Virtuoso, one great blues guitarist, and a bluegrass fiddle virtuoso in Michael Cleveland a...