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Can Steve Hamilton’s Nick Mason Find His Exit Strategy?

Exist Strategy - Steve Hamilton  (Nick Mason #2)   Exit Strategy is the second. book in the Nick Mason series from author Steve Hamilton. The Second Life of Nick Mason  was the first book in the series and it introduced readers to a different kind of hero. Nick Mason was a prisoner serving 25 years as the result of a robbery gone wrong. While in prison gang kingpin Darius Cole offers Nick his freedom, but not without a catch. The catch is that Nick has to carry out any mission assigned to him. And if he doesn't hs ex-wife and nine-year...


The Second Life of Nick Mason – Steve Hamilton

So over the last three days, I have finished two books. The first bookk finished was The One Plan: A Week by Week Guide to Restoring Your Natural Health and Happiness by Yogi Cameron Alborzian The second one was The Second Life of Nick Mason by Steve Hamilton. They are respectively, books 36 and 37  of 2016.  I am going to write about the second book The Second Live of Nick Mason in this post. I will tackle The Open Plan in a post about yoga, maybe later this afternoon. The Second Life of Nick Mason  - Steve Hamilton .I have been a fan...


The Hunting Wind – Steve Hamilton

The Hunting Wind by Steve Hamilton was just as good the second time around! One of the things that I have been doing on a fairly consistently this winter and into the spring is reading, I have set a goal that requires me to read books at a faster pace than last year and while i on a pace that is slightly slower than I need it to be, I am still reading at the same pace as last year finishing book 15 of the year just about on the same day as I finished book 15 last year! Now...