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This Day in History – Jan 3, 1888 and 1871 – Drinking straws patented and a process to make margarine – Who knew!

  On this day in 1888 Marvin C Stone patented the drinking straw!! Stone, the son of Chester Stone, was born in Portage County, Ohio in 1842. Chester was well-known for his inventions of many machines including the cheese press and washing machines With Marvin the apple didn't fall far from the tree. He started inventing things at an early age. .Prior to his invention of the drinking straw according to Wikipedia.... .... people used natural rye grass straws, which were undesirable because they imparted a grassy flavor in beverages. In response to this, Marvin C. Stone made the first┬ádrinking...


This Day in History – 3/16 – A Visitor to the Plymouth Plantation!

Plymouth Plantation So on this date in 1622 at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, the following was written: (From Mourt's Relation): Friday the 16th a fair warm day towards; this morning we determined to conclude of the military orders, which we had begun to consider of before but were interrupted by the savages, as we mentioned formerly; and whilst we were busied hereabout, we were interrupted again, for there presented himself a savage, which caused an alarm. He very boldly came all alone and along the houses straight to the rendezvous, where we intercepted him, not suffering him to go...