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This Day in Music – March 17, 1944 – “Happy Birthday John B Sebastian!”

So what can you say about John Sebastian. He had a great run with the Lovin' Spoonful lots of great hits  like: "Do You Believe in Magic", "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?", "Nashville Cats" and many more. He also had a good solo career. Yet most younger people know him for one song  the theme song to, "Welcome Back Kotter! "Anyway, two of my favorite John Sebastian albums are his first self-titled solo album and Cheapo-cheapo Productions Presents John Sebastian.  Lots of good stuff on both albums. Some of my favorites from John B Sebastian include:...


JJW’s Birthday Celebration Continues with “Ramblin’ Scramblin'” and “Morning Song to Sally”

So return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, the year was 1969, I was a naïve eighteen year-old and sometime during that year. probably on Gen Shay's show on WDAS-FM this song from Jerry Jeff Walker. You know I don't think I'd ever heard a song that included a drop kick in the crotch or someone getting rolled, let alone in the same song!! The song was from Jerry Jeff's second release Driftin' Way of Life. And along with "Drifting Way of Life" and "Morning Song for Sally" was one of my favorite songs from the album....


This Day in Music – March 16, 1942 – Happy Birthday, Jerry Jeff Walker!!

So on this day in 1942 in Oneonta, NY, one Ronald Clyde Crosby, aka Jacky Jack, and more well-known as Jerry Jeff Walker was born!! Jerry Jeff's music has been a part of the musical soundtrack of my life since the late 1960s. And his music has been with me as I walked across the campus of the University of Florida singing "High Hill Country Rain", to rocking my children to sleep to "Mr Bojangles", to sending my son's best friend into hysterics over "Pissin' in the Wind" and of course "Redneck Mother" is always just a moment away in...