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Night and Day – Vincent Herring

Vincent Herring - Night and Day - A 2015 Favorite!   Back on May 12 I was excited to see that saxophonist Vincent Herring had released a new album titled Night and Day. Then I saw on the album cover who Herring had playing with him on the album and I was even more excited! The other members of this quintet include: Brandi Disterheft on bass, Joe Farnsworth on drums, pianist Mike LeDonne and trumpeter, Jeremy Pelt, Both Disterheft and Farnsworth played with Herring on his last album Uptown Shuffle. About Night and Day On Night and Day. Mike LeDonne replaces...

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Exploring the Music of Jazz Saxophonist Vincent Herring on his birthday – November 19th!!

Among those who are celebrating their birthdays today is jazz saxophonist Vincent Herring, who was born on this day, November 19th in 1964. The year of the great Phillies collapse and the year I went to both a World Series game and the baseball All-Star game in New York. It was a great year for a 13 year-old! Anyway, back to Vincent Herring, even though he has released albums as a leader since 1989's American Experience, I just discovered his music back in January, when I listened to his 2013 release The Uptown Shuffle, to say the least I was very...

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New Jazz from Saxophonist Vincent Herring – The Uptown Shuffle!!

Vincent Herring - The Uptown Shuffle So the other day I wrote about the great Dexter Gordon, today I'll move to a contemporary  saxophonist, but still a great one - Vincent Herring. I've been listening to Herring's latest release The Uptown Shuffle for a couple of weeks now and I think I like it more and more each time I listen. Herring is considered to be one of the premier sax players of his generation. He was born in Kentucky in 1964 and raised in California. His musical journey began when he started touring with Lionel Hampton's Big Band in 1980...