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Manitou Canyon – William Kent Krueger as Good as Ever!

Manitou Canyon - William Kent Krueger (Cork O'Connor series Boo #15) Manitou Canyon is the fifteenth book in the Cork O'Connor series from William Kent Krueger. And I for one don't think the series is slowing down at all! I have read all of the books in this series and this one holds its own with any of them.While the Cork O'Connor books are firmly planted in the  mystery.thriller genre they are also more than just mysteries. They are also books about family and cultural identity. About Manitou Canyon When Manitou Canyon  opens it is November and the O'Connor's are preparing...


Ordinary Grace – William Kent Krueger

  Ordinary Grace - William Kent Krueger - Not an Ordinary book - an extraordinary book!   So while I have not posted much over the last few days, I have finished three books. Finished first was William Kent Krueger's Ordinary Grace, which was closely followed up by The Forgotten Room from Lincoln Child. Then today, I finished The Toaster Oven Mocks Me by Steve Margolis. Two novels and a personal memoir, all very good. In this post I will write about the first book Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. William Kent Krueger is the author of the Cork O'Connor series...


Windigo Island – William Kent Krueger

Windigo Island-  William Kent Krueger - (Cork O'Connor # 14)   I started reading the Cork O'Connor series from William Kent Krueger back in 2003 when I picked up Purgatory Ridge, Book #3 in the series, at the library. After finishing the book I quickly sought out the first two books in the series and have not missed a book since!! Cork O' Connor is the former sheriff of Tamarack County, Minnesota, he is part Ojibwe and Irish. He is also the father of Jennie, Annie and Stephen O'Connor and is constantly battling evil in the County and beyond. Cork...