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The Safari Discovers More Ethiopian Music from the Addis Acoustic Project – Tewesta!!

If you're like me and long for Ethiopian music to be like it was in my childhood in the 1950s and 60s, back when Ethiopia’s pop music of this era predominantly featured acoustic instruments such as the mandolin, accordion, clarinet, and double bass, played along with traditional instruments such as the “Kirar”, “Kebero”, “Washint” and”Massinko”. Then you'll love the new album from the Addis Acoustic Project, Tewesta (Remembrance)!! The album brings back that old music but in a new light! Of course I am kidding - but I have listened to the album a couple of times and I must say that...

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Today in Music – Nov 26, 1983 – Happy Birthday, Guy Buttery!!

I love checking list of people who have birthday on that day's date, especially the list at All About Jazz. The list has led to my discovery of many artist that were previously unknown to me!! Yesterday such as I was introduced to the music of Daseul Kim and now today I have discovered a really great acoustic guitar player Guy Buttery. A quick listen to his most recent release told me that this musician from South Africa will soon have a spot in my music library. I will try to write more later, but for now here's what some...

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2013 Jazz – The Music of Omar Sosa – Eggun: The Afri-Lectric Experience

So the other day MOG by way of their Just for You section introduced me to the music of Omar Sosa, and I'm glad they did!!  Sosa is a Cuban born composer, bandleader, and jazz pianist. His newest band  Afreecanos, combines Afro Pop, jazz, and a variety of European instruments. The band, which includes musicians from Africa, Cuba, Brazil, and France, released a CD in 2009 and went on a world tour in early 2010. The album that was recommended bby MOG was his latest release Eggun: The Afri-Lectric Experience. I gave it a quick listen and decided that I wanted to learn more about Omar and...