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Who Do I Think I am? A Mutt!!

So Who do I think I am? My ancestry comes from all over the Europe!! Over the last fifteen years or so Kathy and I have done a lot of genealogical studying of our family trees, her tree, due to her great skills at genealogy, has many, many more branches than mine!! My ancestors I'm convinced were in the 1800's equivalent witness protection program! But actually I don't think it's that bad so let's see where those roots reach. On my father's mother's side they reach into Saxony and Dresden, Germany. We have a picture of my great-grandfather Herman Meyer...

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Phillies thoughts the day after!

So this morning after the Phillies season came to an inglorious end last night, I started thinking about the team and the franchise. The franchise has lost more games than any other franchise in sports history having broken the 10,000 game mark a few years ago! Being a Phillies follower for the last 50 years (is that possible?) I've seen my fair share of those loses! Including those 23 in a row and 1972 when the team won 54 games and Steve Carlton won 27 of them! I've seen the team go from worst to first from 1992 to 1993...


Willpower – Go Will – Let’s Fight Lung Cancer!

So last night was one of those nights when real life takes over from music listening and blogging. About six to eight weeks before my son Peter and Missy's wedding, Missy's brother Will was in the hospital and being treated for pneumonia when the doctors discovered spots on his lungs and he was diagnosed with Stage Four lung cancer. It appears to be mostly in in one lung and at that point it was unknown whether the spots on the other lung were cancerous. It was hoped that it was not and then the bad lung could be removed. When...